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Northern Caucasus nanotech arouses interest across Russia and in Spain

7 Nov '13
Nanotech projects developed in Stavropol, in Russia’s Northern Caucasus, attracted an array of potential customers and partners last week at the Open Innovations international forum in Moscow, the website of the state-owned regional Stavropolye television and radio broadcasting company reported

A Stavropol project aimed at creating nanocoatings for medical instruments was particularly in the limelight. Developed at Northern Caucasian Federal University’s Photovoltaics and Nanotechnology Center, the technology was brought to the attention of at least four Russian companies and research organizations, as well as the Embassy of Spain in the Russian Federation.

Pavel Omelyanchuk, the CEO of SaiTEK in the Stavropol region, reached an agreement with Russia’s Intersector Nanoindustry Union and is now expected to join the large national organization. SaiTEK is developing innovation cosmetics based on Northern Caucasian thermal water and herbs, using a new solid lipidic nanoparticle technology.

Another local company, Slav Plast, inked a contract with RM Nanotech, a Rusnano portfolio company and Russia’s sole producer of nanostructured membrane cloth, over the joint implementation of its knotless nets production project.
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