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Nevinnomyssk industrial park residents to get info from “road map”

18 Jun '12
A “road map” has been developed in the Stavropol region for residents of the newly opened Nevinnomyssk regional industrial park, Kavkaz Uzel reports.

The “road map” comes in the form of a brochure describing the detailed algorithm of actions for potential investors. The document lists all stages of actions, from agreeing on an investment project concept and obtaining legal papers for land to receiving approval for commissioning a built facility. The “road map” offers contacts of all institutions and organizations involved in the endorsement process, as well as lists of needed documents, responsible officials’ names and office hours. The approval procedure described in the “road map” takes at least 235 days, officials said.

The document may be useful for residents of the second 500-hectare stage of the industrial zone, to be developed in the nearest future.
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Locations: Stavropol Krai

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