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Online course “Secrets and Techniques of Writing Effective PR Texts” (August 17, 2020)

On August 17, a specialized online training course of the Press Service magazine - “Secrets and Techniques of Writing Effective PR Texts” starts. The author and host of the course is Timur Aslanov.

Online course audience:
- heads and employees of press services and PR departments,
- press secretaries,
- specialists in public relations,
- copywriters,
- corporate journalists.

Today, there is a huge number of texts in the information field - texts in the press, online publications, social networks, blogs, Yandex.Dzene and telegram channels. And everyone wants to convey to us some ideas and thoughts, to convince us of something, to sell something to us. But our focus is waning and scattered.

- How can you hook it up and hold it just enough to have enough time to convey the key messages?
- How to make the journalist read our press release so that the target audience reads the post or article?
- How to correctly arrange information within the material so that the reader does not get confused, but understands everything that you want to convey to him?

As part of the online course, participants will receive real tools to increase the efficiency of texts, analyze specific posts, articles and press releases, including their own, and look at a large number of examples of how to do it and how not to do it. Practical exercises will help you hone the necessary skills and consolidate the course material.

Feedback from the teacher will give an opportunity to assess the correctness of actions and correct them.

During the course you will learn:
- to understand the key tasks of texts and how to solve them,
- how a really good text differs from a bad one,
- attract and keep the audience's attention on your texts,
- build the correct structure of texts to improve their efficiency,
- convey key messages to the audience,
- write in a language that is perceived by your target audience and find a common language with each of its segments,
- come up with catchy titles for all kinds of texts.

5 lessons. Practical tasks and feedback. Diploma.

View the online course program and apply for participation
you can HERE.
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