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Press service Conference (Moscow, November 28-29, 2019)

'Community management as a strategy of communication with the population for state and municipal structures'

This report will be made by the head of the Laboratory of the Community Vlad Titov at the annual international practical conference 'PRESS SERVICE-2019: new technologies for PR-work', which will be held in Moscow on November 28-29.

In the report:

- How does the community management strategy solve the problems of state organizations;
- Why traditional PR does not work in networks;
- How to make official news reach the population;
- How to involve the population in constructive changes;
- How to deal with the influence of false information in networks;
- How to stimulate positive feedback from the public;

About the speaker: Vlad Titov

• Head of Laboratory Community
• Lecturer in business schools RMA, ShNM (HSE), SKOLKOVO Startup Academy;
• Author of the first course in Russia for practitioners of community management since 2012.
• Author of the Practice 'Community Management'
• more than 18 years of work in marketing and communications;
• expert of the jury of the Press Service of the Year contest;
• Author of dozens of articles and comments in the media: Kommersant FM, RBC TV, MIR TV,
'Secret of the Company', 'Company', 'Press Service', 'Cossa', 'Like', 'Marketing Management', 'AutoBusinessrevue', 'Marketing Department', 'E-xecutive.ru' and other business media.

The international practical conference 'PRESS SERVICE-2019: new technologies for PR work' is held annually in Moscow by the Press Service magazine and gathers more than 200 PR directors, heads of press services, heads of PR departments, press secretaries, PR managers and PR specialists from all over Russia and the CIS countries in order to give them the most relevant, effective and proven tools for work.

Two streams of reports and a separate stream of master classes. Over 25 speakers. Participants can listen to reports on any stream and switch from stream to stream.

The event will be attended by such experts in the field of public relations as Timur Aslanov, Svetlana Krylova, Oleg Tarasov, Andrey Kruzhalin, Marina Nerinovskaya, Anastasia Dzhmukhadze, Roman KumarVias, Ekaterina Ivkina and others.

You can see the detailed program of the conference and book participation on the website: https://clck.ru/JTn86
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