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ChainPoint 19 Conference (Yerevan, Armenia, October 14-15, 2019)

Why is ChainPoint 19 NOT worth your attention?

Reason 1. Attending conferences is a waste of time, and talkers came up with networking.
Every time the same thing! Come to us, we will be waiting for you at our grand conference ... but why go?
For the sake of tiring flights or eternal traffic jams, while you reach the place of X? Or, yes, an ever-late lunch and a protracted program. So also reprint the ended business cards!
But really, is it worth spending your time on more than 20 hours of networking with the most influential people in the industry? Indeed, today at every step you will meet a person with whom you can discuss innovation in the technological world or who is ready to invest in your new project.
Listening to opinion leaders, chatting with people with years of experience promoting your project in the industry - these are just some of the opportunities ChainPoint 19 offers!
Armenian Economy Minister - Tigran Khachatryan will present the states position on regulating the crypto industry in the country, Bitcoin.com CEO Stefan Rust will give a speech on the latest platform developments, Henry Arslanyan will reveal exclusive insights on the fintech and crypto industry, Tufi Saliba, founder of TODA.network will talk about the new protocol using AI ... As well as the hottest topics and the latest developments on the ChainPoint agenda.

Reason 2. Who needs all these start-up competitions (Startup Battle) ?!
Let's think sensibly, why do I need to participate in Startup Battle, if I do not need investments at all? After all, at every step you can find the necessary financial resources, and you can always say NO to new opportunities.

CP19 Startup Battle is a place where new ideas will be heard, and interesting projects will be given a platform for presentation and the opportunity to discuss their project with the right people at the right time.
Startups are stimulating the development of technology, offering more and more opportunities to improve the world in which we all live. Miss this opportunity once - you will regret after a long time.

Why ChainPoint 19 startup battle?
● Establishment of strategic partnerships
● Receive valuable comments from experts
● Media coverage
● $ 350,000 prize pool
Startup Battle is supported by InnMind, aeternity ventures, CV labs and SmartGateVC, which have contributed to the formation of the prize pool. They will provide an opportunity for top incubation programs to take the project to the next level of development.

Reason 3. Time is too expensive to spend on a conference.
The argument may be iron, but in the 21st century to miss so many events at a time is considered a crime.

Nooor Blockchain Armenia introduced a bill on the regulation of crypto assets, which will be described in detail on ChainPoint. We are talking about Malta and Switzerland as the countries with the most favorable conditions for the work of blockchain companies, we fly to Cyprus for the best blockchain education, we turn to service providers from Singapore, etc. Each state strives to show itself on the map of the World and attract as many international resources as possible. And now you see Armenia, which requires your time and attention! It was ChainPoint that managed to become the platform that will demonstrate the country's existing capabilities and the hidden potentials of the entire region.

Covering your eyes for a second, and pushing the blockchain aside, are you sure that you have the strength to refuse the opportunity to become part of a thousand-year history, not to see outstanding cultural sights and stay with a sweet anticipation of unique national cuisine?

We put up a word for you, feel free to fly to Armenia and plunge headlong into a story called ChainPoint 19: https://chainpoint.io/
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