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Silicon Valley Investors #SVOD2019 (California, May 15-16, 2019)

The 15th SVOD or Silicon Valley Open Doors is a leading technology investment conference that focuses on Impact Through High-Tech Entrepreneurship!

This year, SVOD is presenting to you a set of topics and innovative companies that allows us to move towards the sustainable future with a great purpose and focus on and around the Human. Impact starts with a Human and ends with a Human.

SVOD2019 Conference opens its doors to 2K+ attendees: over 800 startup founders from all over the world, over 300+ top venture capitalists, angel investors and investor judges, and over 900 professionals working in the technology area.

A major part of the conference is a startup PITCH for the pre-selected and coached 40 seed and early stage (up to Series B) companies.

READ MORE: https://www.svod.org/about/
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