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ScratchDuino, the Programmable Magnetic Robots Construction Kit is going to Kickstarter

17 Sep '14
Mezon.Ru, a winner of Google Rise Awards 2013 and 2014, is proud to announce the launch of kickstarter campaign for their programmable magnetic robot kit ScratchDuino in Tuersday, September 9, 2014. The goal is to raise $105,000 by October 24, 2014, and to start the serial production of ScratchDuino robots construction kits in Finland.

Being completely open source, the ScratchDuino robots construction kit allows users to assemble robots utilizing the original set of parts, to modify their robots in a various ways, to program AI, and to share their modifications with STEM robotics community all over world.

Kickstarter project set of rewards includes the robot kit with different versions of body, educational class kit with master class included, all blueprints and assembly schematics (on usb flash and downloadable) for those backers, who would like to create ScratchDuino from scratch completely.

More information about the ScratchDuino robots construction kit can be found here:

All related assets are available here: www.scratchduino.com/press
Google Rise Awards winners: https://www.google.com/edu/programs/google-rise-awards/index.html#!award-recipients

About the ScratchDuino Robots Construction Kit

ScratchDuino is a highly customizable, simple and interactive open source robots construction kit with magnetic-mount sensors. The basic kit includes 2 light sensors, 2 contact sensors, 2 reflective object sensors, and one infrared eye sensor. Each sensor is protected by an individual plastic shield and could be mounted onto the motorized platform in a foolproof way. It is ready out of the box, which allows to easily assemble a working robot in 5 minutes.

Furthermore, two blank magnetic-mount modules come with the kit, for inventors to build their own custom sensors, that will collect data and process it according to a piece of code such advanced users will be able to program with Scratch or Arduino IDE. Unique features of ScratchDuino are simplicity of assembly by using magnetic-mount parts, and simplicity of programming the AI by Scratch, a visual program language.

ScratchDuino is built utilising Arduino technology, which is an open source electronic prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It can be used as an interactive educational open source platform for kids and beginners, as well as a vast experimental kit for advanced robots enthusiasts.

About the team:

Mezon.Ru is a group of companies, which includes a ScratchDuino development team. Its an international team, which consists of professionals and creative people from Russia and Finland, who work in the area of free and open source software and hardware for education since the year of 2000. In 2006 they started to use Scratch and Arduino in their educational projects, and carry out seminars for students and teachers. The idea of ScratchDuino was born in 2010 by Alexander Kazantsev, an experienced teacher and inventor from Russia. All ScratchDuino team products are free & open source.

Mezon.Ru and their ScratchDuino Robots Construction Kit is a winner of Google Rise Awards 2013 and 2014.
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