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May 28-30: new KomTech-2014 at Lobachevsky UNN in Nizhny Novgorod

22 May '14
The Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod (UNN) is hosting on May 28-30 its second KomTech 2014 innovation session. The event will feature a series of master-classes on commercialization-related legal issues, a roundtable with government officials, and a master-class on business education from renowned international speakers.

The prime driver behind the event is UNN’s Technology Commercialization Center (TCC).

The session is introducing special guests:

Paul Thurman, clinical professor and lecturer, director, professional development and non-degree executive education programs, Columbia University.

Scott Blacklin, principal and founder, Blacklin Associates, LLC.

The program includes:

May 28 – Series of legal workshops
Location: UNN, bld. 2, room 328.
13:00-14:30: Legal Aspects of IP Creation and Protection;
14:40-16:10: Use of IP: Possibilities and Peculiarities;
16:20-18:00: New Aspects in IP Regulation roundtable.

May 29 – 2nd Quarterly Roundtable
Location: UNN, bld. 2, scientific presentations room.
15:00-17:30: “Business Dialog: Science, Enterprises, State.” Focus: “Role of a University in Creating IP with Maximized Value to Attract Investors.”

May 30 – Master-class on business planning by international speakers
Location: UNN, bld. 8, TCC conference hall, room 201.
15:00-18:00: MBA Programs as a Vehicle for Growth and Promotion.

The overall program is open for students, professors, entrepreneurs, business circles and opinion leaders in Nizhny Novgorod and Russia as a whole. UNN is striving to encourage better interaction between business people, scientists and government bodies in developing the local innovation support infrastructure. TCC has plans to hold the events on a regular basis.

To get more information about the event, register for participation and/or provide media support please contact Alyona Ryabinina at a.ryabinina@tcc.unn.ru or +7 908 238 15 00.
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