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10 Apr '12
Next week Nizhny Novgorod is hosting the inaugural master-class in a series of this yearís two-day MARCHMONT Business LAB, a new program of support of early-stage innovation projects.

The program, developed in collaboration between Marchmont Capital Partners and Russiaís Hi-tech Techno-park Association, will introduce entrepreneurs as well as other parties involved to the most cutting-edge instruments of promoting start-ups and putting together fundable business plans.

The first in the series of regional training sessions will take place on April 18-19, 2012 at Nizhny Novgorodís Yarmarka (Trade Fair), 13, Sovnarkomovskaya St., pavilion 2. According to Marchmont Founding Principal Kendrick D. White, the program is expected to be a major cut above all the forums that his company has been previously involved in.

As part of this monthís two-day MARCHMONT Business LAB event, innovators will be able to attend master-classes conducted by leading experts in VC investing and present their projects.

Day One will focus on how to raise seed and start-up stage investment, and how to protect oneís IP rights.

On Day Two, innovative teams will apply the theory to practice by presenting their projects to VC specialists. On top of that, the event will have a guest of honor that day; Russian Minister of Telecommunications Igor Shchogolev is expected to participate.

A list of coaches and experts for the Nizhny Novgorod session includes:

Andrei Shpilenko, director of the Moscow-based Hi-tech Techno-park Association;

Eduard Fyaxel, professor of the Higher School of Economicsí venture management chair; president of the Start Invest business angel association; and managing director of Nizhny Novgorodís HSE Entrepreneurship Center;

Sergei Mitrofanov, CEO, Brandflight;

Vitaly Vinogradov, co-founder and CEO, i-Accelerator, Moscow;

Petr Nemoy, business consultant, expert in creative innovation technology and developer of training programs;

Kendrick D. White, founding principal, Marchmont Capital Partners.

For more information about the training program, coaches and requirements for the projects to be submitted please click here.

To register please click here.

For details regarding the master-class series please contact Svetlana Golubeva of Marchmont Capital Partners at +7 (831) 4194565 (ext. 130) or c.golubeva@marchmont.ru; or Denis Lukyanov of the Hi-tech Techno-park Association at +7 (495) 7397975 or lukyanov@nptechnopark.ru.

To discuss an information partnership please contact Marchmontís Maria Nekhaeva at +7 (831) 4194565 (ext. 125) or m.nekhaeva@marchmont.ru.
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