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Faberlic cosmetics maker seeks out innovative solutions

Source: Zvorykin Project

Faberlic, a domestic perfumes and cosmetics major and developer of unique oxygen cosmetics, has pooled efforts with Russia’s Zvorykin Project in a contest for young innovators to develop a hardware and software package enabling the assessment of an item’s geometry by its digital imaging. The competition is part of the Order for Innovation national project.

The winner will receive a one-off $4,840 award, the company says.

Faberlic’s specifications call for a solution to measure 3D geometry of goods, including height, width and depth, by taking digital photos of the items and their subsequent software processing.

The innovation has to be compatible with a dll or ActiveX type embedded software module based algorithm. The software module has also to be able to control a digital camera, send out a signal to start shooting and receive images, do algorithm-based image processing, and determine dimensions and operation status.

In addition to software a new hardware solution is also expected. One is challenged to choose materials for a table to place a camera on and for the camera itself (specifically its lens system), the height and angle of the camera’s fixing, as well as other solutions to make sure the locking and measuring algorithm works as accurate as possible.

Please get detailed contest-related specifications.

As part of the Order for Innovation national project (which is in itself part of Russia’s Zvorykinsky Project aimed at promoting a new knowledge-based Russian economy) young researchers are expected to find solutions to problems taken from day-to-day activity of Russia’s industrial firms. The winning project teams sign contracts with the companies they have provided solutions for.
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