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START-UP announces expansion

Source: Sverdlovsk Regional Infrastructure Hub

The START-UP-2011 SME forum, scheduled for November 25-26, 2011, will include more events and is moving to Yekaterinburg’s largest venue—the Yekaterinburg-Expo exhibition hall.

“As this year’s Forum adds to its traditional exhibitions, presentations and discussions more than 30 training sessions, new innovation and franchising projects and the final stage of the Urals’ Young Entrepreneur program, the Forum is moving to Yekaterinburg’s largest venue. I hope this will increase a number of START-UP-2011 participants to over 5,000,” said Maxim Godovykh, the Forum’s top manager.

As part of the Forum the SME Services exhibition has been scheduled where participants will find out more of government and municipal entrepreneurship support programs and evaluate proposals from banks, insurers, leasing and auditing companies, as well as educational establishments.

For the first time in Yekaterinburg, the Russian Franchising Association will present a number of federal and regional franchises.

There will be a separate session for IT project developers and managers.

On the Forum’s training platform, candidates will be selected for participation in free training courses for current and future entrepreneurs. The region’s leading business schools will also hold a training program contest.

In addition to Sverdlovsk regional SMEs, teams from the neighboring Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Perm and Bashkortostan regions will also join in.

The START-UP-2011 SME forum will take place on November 25-26 at the Yekaterinburg-Expo exhibition center. All events are free. You’re only requested to register here.

For additional information regarding corporate participation in the Forum events, presentations and services promotion please call +7 (343) 219-63-66, 201-33-18 or e-mail: r@s2011.ru.
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