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Start-Up of the Year apply by November 6

Source: Business Incubator, Higher School of Economics

The Higher School of Economics Business Incubator is encouraging start-ups to participate in this years Start-Up of the Year Award competition. It is also a good venue for investors, sector experts, media and potential partners and customers to make themselves available.

The Business Incubator, Russian Venture Company and the Moscow Governments Department for Entrepreneurship award the Start-Up of the Year prize on an annual basis to start-ups that Russias business community considers best.

This year, the Award goes to four nominations:

The Best Technology a start-up that has built its business on a most promising technology;
Discovery of the Year/A Quick Start a start-up set up this year and showing most dynamic growth;
A Global Start-Up a start-up operating in international markets;
The Best Social Focus companies working to address socially significant problems.

On top of that, the Incubator and Internet recruiting agency Pruffi are also awarding The Best Team of the Year prize.

How to get the Start-Up of the Year Award?

Stage 1: Start-Up of the Years Partners name what they think are the best start-ups. The Partners include innovation infrastructure organizations that support entrepreneurship such as business incubators, business clubs, scientific parks, business schools, etc. You can approach any Partner before November 6 and apply for any of the four main nominations that you choose. Please surf the official Award website for a full list of Partners and the criteria for start-ups.

Stage 2: a jury that includes investment funds, PE, successful entrepreneurs and a corporate community names three best start-ups in each nomination. Those selected and nominated for 2011s Start-Up of the Year will be known on November 24.

The competition will come to a close on December 8 when the first prize will be awarded in each nomination. The audience will also vote to choose The Audiences Best Start-Up.

For participation details and the Awards history please visit the official Award website. If you wish to join the audience at the final Award ceremony please register here.
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