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Interra: summing up results

6 Oct '11
Source: Interra Information Center

The Novosibirsk-based Interra international innovative youth forum is over. Here’s a list of winners. As a notable result of the Forum, a number of cooperation agreements have been inked.

Sergei Semka, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Entrepreneurship Development of the Novosibirsk region, named the following projects as winners in the Business sector:

- “Development of a therapeutic vaccine to treat breast cancer”;
- “Production and marketing of a next gen flame retardant, Fukam”;
- “Development of a surveillance system, 3D EYE, based on three-dimensional vision sensors”;
- “A:start” program.

In the Best Innovative Idea nomination (Business sector, Start-up Campus platform): Valentina Efimenko and her “CardioBOS-Sport hardware and software complex.”

In the Best Innovative Project nomination: Alexei Charukhin and his “LifeCloud cloud services store.”

In the Best Innovative Product nomination: Nikita Kruglikov and his “Monocrystal.”

The regional winners will represent Siberia at the All-Russian competition.

There was also a special trade fair for start-ups, AP-Start@Interra, hosted by Novosibirsk’s Akadempark. Its winners include:

- in IT: the Mayaka service led by Alexander Neporchyuk, enabling ‘virtual’ Internet pen pals to communicate via mobile networks without identifying one another’s phone number; as well as the Discount Mobile system led by Konstantin Rebikov, enabling use of cell phones as a universal discount card;

- in Instrument-making: “A fiber optics system for oil wells’ temperature survey” led by Yuri Veryovkin, enabling recording of temperatures and depths in any spot along the entire well;

- in Biotech & Nanomaterials: “Development of a therapeutic vaccine to treat breast cancer” led by Sergei Zaitsev.

Special award winners at the Culture section were Svetlana Vasilyeva and Konstantin Krotov, experts of Interra, an Adaptive Culture Environment—a Forum platform that promoted hi-tech social services for the blind and the deaf.

The Interra forum resulted in the signing of some important cooperation agreements. One is an agreement between the Novosibirsk region and Urals Pharma Cluster on the setting-up of two dialysis centers in the region.

Another is an agreement between Novosibirsk State Civil Engineering University and an engineering consultancy, KADFEM, which specializes in sizable projects aimed at developing and managing computer modeling technologies in industry, science and education.

At the Siberian Skolkovo section, the participants drafted a General Agreement on the establishment of a scientific and educational consortium designed to pool efforts in commercializing innovative ideas globally.

For more information about the event please contact the Information Center’s Anna Dinelt at +7 (383) 231 05 00 or info@interraforum.ru.
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