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Urals Innovation Forum

Source: Department for SME support, Ministry of Economics, Sverdlovsk region, Urals

Sverdlovsk regional authorities responsible for promoting local SMEs are holding on September 27-29 in Ekaterinburg the region’s First Urals Innovation Forum.

The Forum is expected to bring together more than 500 innovative business leaders from the Sverdlovsk region and across Russia and the CIS, as well as investors, entrepreneurs seeking to set up hi-tech businesses, experts, and representatives of government-run innovation infrastructure.

The Forum’s primary goal is networking and exchange of experience in innovation support; problems that hamper innovative development in the Urals will be discussed and hopefully resolved.

Its first day will see an event that the region has never had before. It is the Commercialization Reactor—a technology commercialization mechanism developed by CIS scientists to help set up new hi-tech companies and introduce them to markets, as well as to assist international innovators in developing their business in the Sverdlovsk region. The idea puts the entrepreneur, or the business locomotive, in between the developer and the investor as a liaison.

Innovators from Latvia, Armenia and Kazakhstan who are invited to participate are expected to present their know-how to Urals business people. Entrepreneurs will also be able to select most promising projects to realize them in the Sverdlovsk region.

The Forum program also includes a special panel discussion focused on a role of the government in the development of regional innovation systems. There will be roundtables to discuss solutions for industrial innovation and specific features that characterize early-stage project investing. On top of that there will be networking sessions, master classes in new product marketing, consulting on how to secure government support, and a business game for young entrepreneurs.

Already operational innovation companies are expected to showcase their products.

It is another innovative business focused event in the region this year. In April, Ekaterinburg’s Urals Venture Forum brought together 300 major players in innovation and VC investing.

The Forum is free, but preliminary registration at http://if2011.ru/conf2011/ is required.
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