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Cutting-edge Russian solutions for mobile medicine

20 Apr '16
Today weíll take a brief look at two interesting biomed projects. These are IT-enabled, and their developers in St. Petersburg and Siberiaís Omsk tap into cloud computing and other software solutions to help patients monitor their health status and interact with their physicians via mobile technologies for rapid real-time analysis of the key data.

A multiformat network from Siberia

The project pushed by a team of Omsk-based IT developers in Siberia calls for the development of a multiformat network for biomed data exchange. According to the developers, their approach utilizes cloud computing for automatic data analysis and computer-aided diagnosis on a real-time basis. A server installed in a local diagnostics center would serve as the base hardware component of the system.

The software and hardware complex also enables medical specialists to hold video conferences and consultations. Another purported advantage is helping physicians conduct remote IT-enabled doctorís rounds and even serve patients on a remote basis. Adding navigation capabilities is reportedly possible to track mobile patientsí whereabouts.

The key beneficiaries would be both resident patients and outpatients living in far-flung localities and therefore unable to visit diagnostics centers.

The Omsk network primarily features portable health status monitors capable of detecting life-threatening conditions, especially those in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and immediately alerting doctors to the dangers by transmitting data via a wireless channel. Other hardware components include communicators based on patientsí smartphones or dedicated tablet PCs at nursing aid posts; broadband communications terminals; and a cloud computing center for diagnosing cases and generating recommendations.

Mobile medicine from St. Petersburg

As the Omsk team unveils its multiformat checkup and analysis network, another group of IT enthusiasts from St. Petersburg State University with a strong background in mathematics and mechanics is coming up with their own version of a similar solution for mobile medicine.

The St. Petersburg developers are absolutely confident that mobile medicine has the potential to drive the entire biomed sector and raise ample investment, and have put together an international Russo-Swiss effort aimed at creating component software for remote mobile-based monitoring of a patientís organism.

They say that the key partners in their endeavor are manufacturers of medical devices and developers of medical information systems and social networks. They view systems integrators as the primary market for their end product.

Their product incorporates a multiplatform mobile software solution for wireless transmission of data from medical devices and data storage in a dedicated cloud. The St. Pete team is reportedly using a whole array of data transfer technologies, including Bluetooth, BLE, NFC and ANT+. To manage the cloud, special server software has been developed. The system also includes an application platform interface (API) for integration with third-party information systems, and a demo web-based portal.

The St. Pete-originating software is believed to support a range of sensors including monitors and meters for ECG, oxygen saturation, weight and fetal monitoring, blood pressure or blood glucose, with the possibility to easily add others. Based on the technology, a set of branded and highly customized solutions for real-time health monitoring data processing can be developed, the developers said.
Oleg Kouzbit, managing editor: ďIím glad you join us here and take The Bridge walk for Marchmontís weekly review of the Russian regionsí innovative present and future. Stay close and youíll find out more of how Russia is bridging the existing gap between its researchers and businesses.Ē
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Locations: Omsk; St. Petersburg

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