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St. Petersburg Cable TV, your partner telecom to ward off housebreakers

26 Mar '12
Oleg Kouzbit, Online News Managing Editor

In a barely expected diversification bid St. Petersburg Cable TV, a major regional telecom, has launched a packaged service that the firm says fences off domestic trouble. Its new Your Intelligent House is designed to monitor oneís home when the owner is away, and alert him to any emergency or burglary. Still in its infancy in Russia, the upmarket software and hardware segment for advanced household security is coming to light, one solution at a time.

St. Petersburg Cable TV, one of the largest telecoms in Russiaís North-West also known as TKT, has just announced what analysts feel is a major move to diversify and win over new markets of sophisticated house owners and apartment renters.

TKTís new bet is Your Intelligent House, a high-end monitoring system that the developers say keeps track of every adverse change that might occur in a house or an apartment and rapidly reports any incident to the owner or tenant on a real-time basis.

The developer

Set up in 2001 when government-owned cable television was privatized, St. Petersburg Cable TV, or TKT, has established a broad regional presence in Russiaís North-West under a range of brand names, including Your Internet, Your TV and Your Phone. It is now the largest telecom for St. Petersburg and the neighboring Leningrad region, and part of the National Cable Networks holding since 2003.

In addition to telecasting TKT offers broadband Internet access using cable TV networks, as well as telephony services and digital IP-based television.

Post a Ďsentryí and donít worry!

With Your Intelligent House, all one needs to keep an eye on his real estate is access to the Internet, TKT says. By managing his private virtual Ďcontrol roomí out in a TKT-provided cloud the buyer can customize his system in any way he likes.

The core of the system is a network of security sensors positioned to cover spots that thieves typically use and areas where potentially malfunctioning utilities are located. According to TKT CEO Ruslan Yevseev, his company offers a range of sensors to detect window or door opening, movement by doors and inside rooms, and any internal breakdowns like smoke or gas issuing, or water leaking through a cracked pipe.

TKT says in addition to mapping out sensor installation spots with a specific placeís most vulnerable areas all factored in the firm also helps arrange the tiny sensors, reportedly within 12cm in diameter, in a most inconspicuous way possible not to mar the interior. A user can do this on his own, though; Yuri Ostrovsky, TKTís sales director, told media Your Intelligent House is fairly easy to put in and hook up.

Put together in a wireless network of barely visible Ďsentry posts,í sensors immediately emit emergency alerts to the system userís mobile phone after a contingency is sighted. Each sensor is enabled to send a warning SMS independently.

A growing market

Widely marketed all across Europe and the United States, such home security systems are still testing the waters in Russia.

According to St. Petersburg Cable TV, Your Intelligent House is St. Peteís first home safety solution offered by a telecom. Unexpected though it may be from a TV service provider, the system is not entirely unrivaled in the Russian market. There are other innovative solutions, tooómostly professional, though.

IP camera and sensor based surveillance systems are offered by IT companies, such as Permís Satellite Innovation that is developing its cutting-edge Macroscop-branded IP video project and is reported to have already established a partnership network currently including 150 distributors from 17 Russian regions. The innovator claims deploying this hi-tech product for networked surveillance purposes saves its owners at least 75% of what they would spend on computers and servers to support conventional video surveillance systems.
Oleg Kouzbit, managing editor: ďIím glad you join us here and take The Bridge walk for Marchmontís weekly review of the Russian regionsí innovative present and future. Stay close and youíll find out more of how Russia is bridging the existing gap between its researchers and businesses.Ē
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