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Novel materials for robots and EVs - researchers in Russia’s Pacific push their projects

4 Aug '22
Scientists at the Far East Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok are working on the development of new rare-earth based materials to be used in high-quality permanent magnets, a core component of a wide variety of devices.

The team seeks to better control magnetic properties of the products, thus improving their durability and energy efficiency.

Permanent magnets are at the heart of most high-tech electric motors and electric generators that are integral parts of all means of modern transportation, robotic solutions, green energy, etc. High energy consumption technologies are used to manufacture these, and ultra-pure magnetic powders are required to control their composition characteristics and microstructure.

“Global manufacturing practice currently has very limited access to time-tested industrial permanent magnets as there are few of these available. Magnets based on rare-earth metals are most widespread; but they are relatively expensive to make and have downsides such as magnetic instability when exposed to corrosion, temperatures, and mechanical impact. New compositions have to be found which are based on less costly ingredients, and more energy efficient technologies have to be developed to produce those ingredients which would not compromise the future magnets’ core properties. That’s what our FEFU team is focused on,” said Alexander Samardak who leads research activity at FEFU.
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4 Aug '22 | Technology & innovation | Industry, manufacturing
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