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Russian scientists use phantom sensitivity to “revitalize” prostheses

21 May '21
The Far Eastern Federal University began to look for ways to reduce and stop phantom pain in people with amputated arms, the press service of the university reports.

As the researchers said, they will study the effectiveness of peripheral nerve stimulation for pain relief in patients with phantom and post-amputation pain. Also, with the help of peripheral stimulation, it is also planned to draw up phantom sensitivity maps, which can then be used for the sensing system of the prosthesis.
“Phantom limb pain is a serious problem for amputated patients. It affects the physical, psychological and functional health of 50–80 percent of people with amputated limbs, which worsens their quality of life, ”said Arthur Biktimirov, neurosurgeon at the FEFU Medical Center. “The known treatment options for phantom pain syndrome are not entirely effective and do not lead to complete recovery in most cases, which requires the development of new approaches. The most promising treatment option may be neuromodulation, which will change maladaptive neuroplasticity and strengthen the descending inhibitory pathways. ”
NTI FEFU for VR/AR and Motorika are a participant in the Neuronet NTI market, as well as the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.
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