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Siberian robot disinfector for clinics and schools

20 Aug '20
The Yakutsk company Autonomous Technologies is starting mass testing of its VedroID Foton robot designed for air and surface disinfection. This was announced to Sk.ru by Nikolai Potapov, General Director of the Skolkovo resident company.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the company decided to modify its main development, a cleaning robot, which last year won the grand final of the Yakut stage of the Startup Tour, and then was demonstrated at the Startup Village-2019 conference.
To work successfully at home, in Yakutia, you must first conquer the whole world, freeing it from routine labor - cleaning, Mr. Potapov shared his ambitious plans with Sk.ru at the time.
Indeed, last year the Yakut startup began the first deliveries of its equipment to Kazakhstan and the Urals.

The pandemic made its own adjustments to these plans, but did not in the least affect the ambitions of Nikolai Potapov and his colleagues - chief engineer and production manager Ivan Filippov and chief programmer Fedot Shadrin. Only now they dream of, as the CEO of Autonomous Technologies says, to contribute to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are not only professional, but also personal reasons for this, says Nikolai Potapov. He himself comes from a family of doctors; his parents and wife are medical practitioners. The relatives of his colleagues were affected by the pandemic. In general, all of our families, let's say, received a negative boost of vigor for solving this problem.

In terms of technology, this means that in the VedroID robot, which has received a fairly high rating from cleaning companies, this summer they decided to remove the wet cleaning module, replacing it with a disinfection module. In addition to the urgency of the task of disinfecting air and surfaces, there were also constructive reasons, the Yakut entrepreneur admits.
In the case of robotics, the simpler the job, the harder it is. The simplest task for a person is to wash the floor, for a robot it is not so obvious: interaction with an aggressive water environment has its own problems for electronics. At the same time, our operating system, control modules, visual connectors do an excellent job of disinfecting premises.
In this sense, the Yakut company divides its potential customers into two groups. In one case, these are clinics where patients with coronavirus are treated; it requires aggressive disinfection with quartz. In the other, there are schools, clinics, cafes, airports and train stations - i.e. places of mass gathering of people. For each of these customer groups, the latest robot modification has its own solution integrated. In the first case, it is an open quartz lamp that is attached to the robot mast. The second is a recirculator; such devices are produced by the colleagues of Autonomous Technologies from the Yakutia Technopark.

Nikolay Potapov does not name his potential clients with whom the company is currently negotiating, but makes it clear that we can talk about several hundred counterparties not only in Yakutia, but also abroad. Today, Autonomous Technologies is capable of producing 250 robots in Yakutia on its own.

According to the interlocutor of Sk.ru, since his startup belongs to the field of cleaning, it does not fall under the assistance programs and grants that apply to developments related to Covid-19, so the company conducts all work on the modernization of VedroID on its own and on its own and risk, he says.

Last week, the new robot was tested at Polyclinic # 1 in Yakutsk, and the company received valuable statistics and analytics.
We have got a fairly maneuverable and efficient machine, says Nikolai Potapov.
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