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Wristband that takes care of your heart and lungs

12 Jan '18
Scientists at the Far East Center for Breathing Pathologies in the Amur region have been fine-tuning a high-accuracy cardiograph and phonendoscope in one nice bracelet.

The gadget is said to be able to pick out breath and heartbeat patterns, analyze the data, and if urgent, send out an alarm signal to a phone of the patientís family or physician. The Amur device can easily tell between heart sounds and respiratory sounds, and use auscultation data to monitor the patientís physical state by both parameters simultaneously, the developers said.

The gadgetís operating principle is simple enough. A microphone is fastened next to the patientís neck. The person does his or her routine, and a special sensor registers lung and heart operation parameters during different activities. The data is then digitized and sent to a PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Project-specific software analyzes the information and, if pathology is found, notifies the user of the problem to see a doctor with, even if the wearer doesnít feel anything at this stage. On top of that, if the system spots signs of possible heartbeat or breathing stoppage, it is reported to be able to alert family or a physician via phone communications for those people to take actionócalling paramedics, for instance.

Telemedicine is not the only application for the new device from Russiaís Far East. With the system, professional athletes would be able to monitor their heartbeat and respiratory frequency/depth in strenuous physical activity.
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