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UAE purchases 3D human body scanners from Russian developer

26 Nov '21
Russian developer of 3D human body scanners Texel will begin shipping its products to the UAE. The contract is long-term - within two years, a number of Texel devices for at least $ 1 million may be sent to the Emirates. At the first stage, the deal amounted to $ 40,000.

The contract between the Russian developer Texel and the management company of the free economic zone Dubai Internet City was concluded following the results of the Gitex-2021 exhibition, a company spokesman said. The amount of the first stage of the transaction was $ 40 thousand. During 2022-2023, a number of Texel devices can be sent to the UAE for a total amount of at least $ 1 million.

Under the contract, Texel will supply Texel Portal MX scanners to the UAE. It is a human-sized rotating frame. It is equipped with sensors and software developed by Russian specialists. The frame turns around a person in 30 seconds, the system processes the data for about a minute and creates a three-dimensional human avatar.

The scanner is capable of making measurements that can be compared with the dimensional grid of a clothing store to select the optimal model.
“This technology is unique and can be in demand in a large number of industries such as fashion, entertainment, engineering, design and many others,” said Sergey Klimentiev, co-founder of Texel.
According to the developers, the Texel project has already accumulated a database of more than 60 thousand three-dimensional models of residents of different countries. The analysis of this data using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies will in the future make it possible to obtain a three-dimensional model of a person from self-taken photographs.

Texel, a Skolkovo resident, was founded in 2014. At the moment, the total amount of funds raised by the company, according to Crunchbase, is $ 2.5 million. One of the investors is the Internet Initiatives Development Fund.