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Novel material makes packages more eco-friendly

29 Jul '21
Researchers at the Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies (VSUET) in Central Russia have come up with what they claim is new compostable synthetic plastic based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA).

PVA-based compostable synthetic plastics possess properties inherent with aseptic technologies like Tetra Pak and provide a combination of the pluses found in both degradable and non-degradable packaging. Eco-friendly packages based on such plastics can be easily recycled when mixed with organic waste, producing organic fertilizers. In this bioconversion process, polymers decompose down to small fragments that become part of the Big Cycle of substances in Nature.

According to associate professor Lyubov Studenikina who has worked on the project, the team has been working on best possible compositions and studying the properties of the samples the scientists have got.

All should be considered before the technology is introduced to broad markets, to make sure the right applications have been picked. For example, the new material must not contact wet foodstuffs as it degrades at wetting like cardboard. We expect our dry compostable plastics to provide packaging for dry and frozen foodstuffsa great replacement for widely used polystyrene tubs that cannot be recycled and all end up in landfills when used, Ms. Studenikina said.
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