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Business accelerator A:START (March 12, 2021)

4 Mar '21
Akadempark's acceleration marathon for launching technology startups will begin on March 12, applications for participation will be accepted until March 9 inclusive. You can become a member of the business accelerator by submitting an application on site A:START: https://astart.academpark.com/.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, scientists, developers, senior students who want to implement their business projects in areas such as IT, instrumentation, nanotechnology, biotechnology and medicine are invited to participate.

A: START includes two intensive educational blocks. The first block will take place from 12 to 14 March and will be devoted to market assessment methods, customer development, team building, project economics calculations, marketing strategies and the development of communication skills. In the second block, from April 2 to April 4, participants will analyze all the intricacies of business modeling, learn how to start selling and scale, and will come to grips with building roadmaps for their projects. There are weekly traction meetings and expert consultations between the blocks.

During the program, participants will test business hypotheses, determine the value of the product, calculate the economy, assemble a team of like-minded people, and some will make their first sales. The winners will be invited to the Academpark business incubator, where they can receive additional resources for the development of their startups.
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