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Russian development will help patients with bronchial asthma

3 Mar '21
City Health, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation's Biomedical Technologies Cluster, together with the biopharmaceutical company Sanofi, launched the Breathe Free and Atopia Live programs in its Zdorovye.ru mobile application. They can help patients get their illness under control by tracking symptoms and factors that may be causing flare-ups.

The Health.ru app is one of the winners of the 2020 competition for innovative healthcare projects organized by the Skolkovo Foundation and Sanofi. The application is free and allows you to monitor your health, mark changes, receive up-to-date information about diseases, as well as quickly make an appointment with a doctor under the compulsory medical insurance policy and in private clinics.

Health.ru contains several comprehensive programs for people with different diagnoses. One of them - Atopia Live - ​​offers two types of diaries for patients with atopic dermatitis (AD): the first will allow you to monitor the factors that can cause an exacerbation of the disease, and the second - to follow the dynamics of AD treatment. According to the individual state, determined by the test results in the application, a course is selected for the user, which includes videos and text materials. Thus, the program not only helps to track health status on a daily basis, but also provides an opportunity to receive useful information about the disease, advice on skin care, and more.

The Breathe Free program also has a diary for patients with bronchial asthma (BA), which helps to record the peak flow meter readings and note when an attack occurred and what factor could cause it. In addition, information materials are offered, the content of which depends on the answers to questions during the activation of the program in the application. The course materials contain detailed information on BA, advice on breathing exercises and sports in case of illness, etc.
Eric Brovko, General Director of the Health.ru mobile application: “Programs to support and support people with disabilities are an innovative and effective tool for the prevention and control of diseases. This is a new global vector for the development of digital medicine, which technology opened to us in 2020. I am convinced that digital therapy will become an integral part of our lives and make a significant contribution to people's health.”

Stanislav Bogdanovskiy, general manager of Sanofi Genzyme in the countries of the Eurasian region: “Patient awareness of the disease and the causes that cause it is as important as the doctor's recommendations. Unfortunately, not all people can quickly get an appointment with a specialist, especially in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. That is why for users with AD and BA and their loved ones, we have created programs in the Zdorovye.ru online application that make it possible to quickly and free of charge receive information about the disease, learn to better understand the causes of exacerbations and control them.”

Sergey Voinov, Head of Digital Health at the Skolkovo Foundation's Biomedical Technologies Cluster: “Launching such digital solutions in the field of practical healthcare is extremely important for all groups of patients with AD and BA, especially in modern realities, when the healthcare system is very overloaded. The fact that the project was launched in the shortest possible time with the winner of the acceleration selection proves the success of the program of the Skolkovo Foundation and Sanofi. We will be happy to continue to work with Sanofi to select and profile applied digital solutions for the benefit of patients and to improve the efficiency of the healthcare system as a whole.”
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