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Russian sepsis treatment device goes global

14 Jan '21
The journal General Reanimatology published an article by researchers from the Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 1 named after NI Pirogov and the Research Institute of General Reanimatology named after V.A. Negovsky, which describes the experience of using the Efferon LPS devices from the Skolkovo Efferon company in a series of clinical observations of nine patients.

The patients were hospitalized with septic shock, initially they underwent surgical debridement of the site of infection. Against the background of the lack of positive dynamics in the immediate postoperative period, selective hemosorption of lipopolysaccharides was included in the complex therapy.

As a result, the researchers noted the rapid stabilization of hemodynamic parameters, withdrawal from vasopressor support and regression of multiple organ failure over the next three days after the completion of selective hemosorption of lipopolysaccharides. These observations are confirmed by the dynamics of laboratory parameters - a decrease in the level of activity of endotoxin, interleukin-1beta, procalcitonin, C-reactive protein.
The device for extracorporeal blood purification Efferon LPS has high potential as a means of life support for sepsis, - emphasizes one of the authors of the article, MD, professor V.M. Pisarev.
Researchers emphasize the importance and feasibility of further expanded clinical trials proving a reduction in high mortality in patients with septic shock.
The results of this pilot study are encouraging: out of nine critically ill patients, seven were rescued. The survival rate in patients with septic shock receiving standard therapy is estimated by the authors of the work at 35%, says Ivan Bessonov, co-founder of Efferon. The evidence base confirming the effectiveness and safety of our solutions will continue to grow.
Efferon produces disposable sorption columns for extracorporeal blood purification Efferon LPS and Efferon CT. Both medical devices were approved for clinical use by Roszdravnadzor in 2019. Currently, the columns are used in more than a hundred clinics in the Russian Federation, and are also exported.

In July last year, Efferon's products were presented at a meeting between the head of FMBA Veronika Skvortsova and the Skolkovo Foundation residents.

The sorption column Efferon LPS is used as part of the complex therapy of such life-threatening conditions as sepsis and septic shock. Sepsis is caused by a powerful toxin, lipopolysaccharide (LPS). To date, there are no drugs that can effectively treat sepsis. The antibiotic solves the problem of the infection itself, but not the body's response to toxic LPS molecules.

Columns Efferon CT contain a sorbent capable of selectively absorbing another type of therapeutic target, different from LPS molecules; these are cytokine proteins, the overproduction of which leads to deregulation of the inflammatory response.
According to Ms. Skvortsova, the proposed technique can be in great demand for a wide range of tasks; in particular, there is potential for use in the therapy of COVID-19, but this, of course, requires detailed study.
Efferon continues to work in the area of ​​anti-cytokine sorption for patients with multiple organ failure caused by coronavirus infection.
This technique is now in great demand all over the world, says Ivan Bessonov.
Both types of products, Efferon CT and Efferon LPS , are in demand by Russian doctors in approximately equal measure. At the end of last year, both devices were entered in the INVIMA (Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos) Sanitary Registry of Colombia and are now available in the South American country for clinical use.

At the same time, other contracts are being concluded for the supply of Efferon CT and Efferon LPS, in particular, to the countries of the Middle East, said the co-founder of Efferon.
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