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Big Infoforum-2021 (February 4-5, 2021)

23 Dec '20
The Grand National Forum has been held since 2001; in February 2021, the 23rd event in this format will take place.

Over 3,000 delegates from virtually all regions of the Russian Federation are expected to participate in the forum, online and offline.

The program of the forum includes a two-day conference, an exhibition exposition, Internet broadcasts, VIP-events, ceremonies for awarding laureates of the Silver Dagger professional award in the field of information security and the Infoforum-New Generation competition for students and young professionals.

The theme of the plenary session: Sustainable Development of Russia in the Digital Age: Overcoming Information Security Risks.

For the first time, all sessions of the Big Infoforum will be broadcast on the Internet in real time.

Participants can choose to participate in person or register for the online forum and access the webcast of the sessions.

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