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A new fire prevention device is being produced in Russia

24 Dec '20
Ruselectronica Holding has launched the production of devices to prevent fires due to wiring faults. In case of arcing, the device records changes in the mains voltage parameters and automatically disconnects the mains from the power supply.

The equipment is installed in the electrical panel of a house or apartment. One device controls the electrical network in a room up to 150 m2. The equipment has been tested and recommended for use by the Academy of the State Fire Service of the EMERCOM of Russia and the Institute for Integrated Safety in Construction.

Sparking appears in places of loose contact, cable defect, as well as as a result of mechanical damage or aging of insulation. This phenomenon is not recognized by standard equipment for the protection of electrical networks and, at the same time, can damage expensive household appliances and cause a fire.

The production of devices is deployed at NPP Istok named after Shokin in cooperation with the Skolkovo resident - Ecolight.
As part of the first phase of the project, we launched the production of spark protection devices at our facilities for use in household power grids. We will deliver the first 100 thousand items by the end of the year, and next year we plan to increase production volumes to 1 million units per year. In the future, the range of equipment will be expanded for use at industrial facilities, Ruselectronics said.
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