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New cloud video analytics underway in Russia

26 Nov '20
Satellite Innovation (Macroscop trademark), a resident of the Information Technologies Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation, announced the launch of cloud video analytics. At the start, Macroscop Cloud users will have access to two intelligent modules. In the near future, the functionality will be supplemented with other options demanded in the Macroscop server product.

The developers focus on video analytics: at the initial stage, Macroscop Cloud users will be able to use the facial recognition module (to control access to the premises) and the visitor counting module (to increase the efficiency of marketing activities, optimize the staff work schedule and control the number of people in the room).

Unlike many other software vendors developing cloud video surveillance, Macroscop does not restrict users in their choice of cameras. This approach gives the customer the freedom to choose equipment based on specific tasks and budget. To connect devices, you will need to obtain a white IP address or set up a VPN connection.
Alexander Korobkov, General Director of Satellite Innovation: Working on Macroscop Cloud, we set ourselves the task of providing the user with quantitative results of video analytics work. Depending on the settings, all the necessary information can be received by e-mail or viewed in the mobile application in the form of notifications and regular reports.
Using Macroscop Cloud does not require significant investments in server hardware and additional areas for its placement. According to the developers, the cloud solution will be in demand in small offices, shops and catering establishments, as well as in companies with a distributed network of representative offices and branches.
Pavel Krivozubov, Head of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, IT Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation: This solution very organically complements the existing and popular Macroscop products and at the same time makes them more flexible relation to end consumers. The coverage of the audience is also significantly expanded due to the possibility of using the solution not only by large, but also by medium and small businesses. This speaks of a well-thought-out and purposeful strategy of the company to bring its product to the market.
Today, the server product Macroscop is widely represented on the video surveillance market, which includes more than 20 intelligent modules.

Reference Information

Satellite Innovation (Macroscop trademark)
is one of the leading developers of software for video surveillance systems in Russia. Resident of the Skolkovo innovation center. Macroscop solutions are designed to improve business processes, reduce costs and ensure security. Macroscop technological developments are in demand in 55 countries of the world. Among the company's clients are X5 Retail Group, Lukoil, Er-Telecom, Hugo Boss, Mövenpick, Hilton, Ikea, law enforcement agencies of Belgium and Italy.
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