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Russian and Japanese companies to jointly develop anti-aging drugs

27 Oct '20
Insiliko, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation's Biomedical Technologies Cluster, has announced a partnership with Taisho Pharmaceutical, a leading Japanese pharmaceutical company. Partners will seek new molecules to create anti-aging drugs.

The collaboration between Insilico and Taisho Pharmaceutical is aimed at the development of new therapeutic agents in the field of age-related diseases. The Pandomics Discovery Platform, an artificial intelligence platform developed by Insilico, is used for this. It will help in the search for senolytics - substances that remove aging cells in the body.
Ivan Ozerov, Head of Bioinformatics Department, Insilico: “It is believed that aging is a universal phenomenon that we cannot stop. However, new scientific evidence has shown that you can reverse some of the negative phenomena that develop with age. Through this collaboration, we will combine Insilico's AI drug development capabilities and the Taisho validation platform to create and then explore new approaches to treating age-related diseases. ”
Under the terms of the agreement, Insilico is responsible for finding targets and generating molecules in the early stages of research. Taisho, in turn, will work with Insilico to validate the results in various in vitro and in vivo experiments. Taisho has the exclusive opportunity to acquire joint ownership of successfully developed programs with Insilico at an agreed payment.
Alexander Zhavoronkov, founder and CEO of Insiliko: “Cooperation with Taisho Pharmaceutical is a great honor for us, because it is one of the hundred largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and has been operating since 1912. The high level of training of the scientists with whom we interact and our previous success in using the Pandomics platform to find new targets and active molecules against fibrosis, as well as our previous experience in the development of senolytics, give us confidence that this collaboration will be successful.”

Anton Borovik, Senior Project Manager of the Skolkovo Foundation's Biomedical Technologies Cluster: “Insilico is one of the most dynamically developing companies in our Cluster. The unique competencies of the project team allow us to create world-class advanced technological products. The partnership with Taisho Pharmaceutical reflects the pharmaceutical industry's strong interest and confidence in the opportunities offered by Insilico's Pandomics platform. ”

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