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New chip can digitize urban infrastructure

9 Sep '20
For the 873rd anniversary of Moscow, Mikron's RFID laboratory has developed new Balchug 3D tags for digitizing urban infrastructure and small architectural forms.

The chip allows you to identify objects at a distance of more than seven meters during inventory and accounting, it is resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions, said Alexander Prokhorov, head of the Moscow City Investment and Industrial Policy Department.
“Since 2015, Mikron has been a resident of the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone and enjoys favorable production and financial conditions offered by the Moscow Government to residents of the special economic zone. So, for them there is a zero rate for property and transport tax, as well as a reduced income tax. This gives them the opportunity to develop production by investing in new developments. These include 3D-markers Balchug, the start of production of which is timed to the birthday of the city. They will help preserve its infrastructure and increase the level of comfort for the residents of the capital,” the head of the department explained.
The new Balchug RFID tag Micron M-Tag 3D / 1UD is designed for remote identification of small architectural forms (MAF), taking into account the conditions of their operation. The LFA includes non-scale auxiliary architectural structures and objects, for example, stairs, fences, sculptures, fountains, gazebos, etc. The tag works properly on plastic, wood, metal and combined surfaces and has a 128-bit EPC memory, where a unique identifier code is written object.
“Residents of the special economic zone“ Technopolis Moscow are actively implementing their own solutions in the development of the capital. And the company Mikron is one of the main flagships, whose developments Muscovites use every day. These are travel cards, chips for bank cards, electronic passes and much more. The new product of the resident is another important contribution to the maintenance and improvement of the look of his beloved city”, - shared the General Director of the SEZ Technopolis Moscow Gennady Dyogtev.
The line of tags meets all the requirements for operation in conditions cities, including in public places, sports and social infrastructure.
“We are pleased to present to Moscow for the 873rd anniversary our development for marking small architectural forms, named after one of the most iconic and difficult Moscow places where new marks passed the first field tests. Small architectural forms perform important functions in the urban environment, while the modern urban environment requires digital infrastructure. Our new tags are part of this infrastructure, they help to keep the growing park of objects in order, to maintain them efficiently, optimize costs and save time,” said Vasily Volosov, Head of RFID and IT Sales Department of PJSC Micron.
LFA check and registration is carried out using mobile readers with an operating frequency of 865-868 MHz (RFID UHF). A miniature but durable plastic case of the tags measuring 9x2.5x1.5 cm protects them from environmental influences and mechanical damage. It is easy to install and has holes for fastening with bolts, screws, rivets, ties, screws, and can also be glued.
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