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Russian biomed developer acknowledged in EU

15 Jul '20
Habilekt, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation's Biomedical Technology Cluster, has received eight European quality certificates for systems for the Habilect rehabilitation complex. The CE marking will allow the delivery of a medical device to EU countries.

CE certificates for all eight systems developed confirm that the Habilect rehabilitation complex meets all the safety requirements and quality standards of the European Union. The documents are valid throughout the European Union and provide the possibility of free distribution and promotion of Russian development.
Aleksey Kozlov, General Director of Habilekt: “Recently, we began to receive more and more requests for the Habilect complex from European companies and clinics. On this basis, there is an urgent need for certification of our systems according to European CE standards. Having received the certificates, we once again confirmed the high quality and safety of the Habilect complex developed by our company. The system has great prospects and good export potential. Today, there are already requests from Germany, Austria, the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. ”
Habilect is a multifunctional medical complex based on a high-precision non-contact sensor for biomechanical diagnostics of movements, analysis of the center of gravity, course prescribing physical therapy exercises (including biological feedback and game scenarios), patient motivation and control both in the clinic and at home. The system contains all the norms and rules of quality rehabilitation, as well as the psychological characteristics of the perception of patients with the consequences of injuries, strokes, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, central and peripheral nervous system. The Habilect complex is a unique development of Russian production, which has no analogues. Having a certificate will allow sharing technologies in the field of rehabilitation with clinics around the world. In addition, the system is already adapted to the European market - it supports English, has the necessary instructions and descriptions.
Julia Shcheglova, project manager of the Skolkovo Foundation's Biomedical Technology Cluster: “Without such certificates, no manufacturer can become a full member of the European market. The European Union always makes high demands on suppliers of any goods, especially medical ones. European clinics have long shown interest in the Habilect complex, and now there is nothing stopping us from developing cooperation and promoting Russian development outside the Russian Federation. ”
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