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Russian company ensures transaction security for bank customers

2 Jul '20
PayControl’s mobile authentication and electronic signature platform, developed by SafeTech, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation’s IT cluster, has been introduced into URALSIB Bank’s mobile and online banking businesses. Corporate customers of the bank were able to conveniently and safely confirm financial transactions on their mobile device.

URALSIB Bank's modern digital channels for servicing legal entities are built on the basis of the iSimpleBank 2.0 remote banking service platform developed by the iCAM Group. At the same time, a single front-end environment, which includes an Internet bank and a mobile application, is the decision of another Abanking Skolkovo Foundation resident.

Key objectives of the Digital Channel Security Enhancement Project:
• providing customers with the ability to quickly and conveniently generate electronic signatures using a mobile device;
• ensuring the required level of transaction security;
• minimization of financial costs in comparison with previously used signature technologies.

To solve these problems, URALSIB Bank chose the PayTrol mobile authentication and electronic signature platform from SafeTech, a Skolkovo resident.
Sergey Korolev, Head of the Directorate for Project Management and Development of Remote Channels in Corporate and Small Business of URALSIB Bank: “The introduction of the PayControl platform for confirming transactions and signing electronic documents in digital channels for servicing legal entities allowed us to increase the security of operations . At the same time, the project’s implementation not only secured the accounts of our customers, but also made work in the mobile and online banking easier and more convenient. ”
Implementation of PayControl solution in mobile and online banking for legal of individuals provided URALSIB Bank customers with the opportunity to easily and safely carry out financial transactions:
• on your smartphone without the use of additional devices (tokens or smart cards, password generators);
• without manually entering payment details and confirmation codes;
• without delays and cancellation of operations associated with the waiting or non-delivery of SMS messages and Push notifications;
• one movement of the hand on the screen of the smartphone.

The main advantage of PayControl compared to traditional methods of confirming payments, in particular, a one-time password in SMS or Push-notification, is that the transaction confirmation code is generated directly on the client’s mobile device. It is tied to the details of the transaction, and even its interception by fraudsters will not lead to the theft of funds from the account. PayControl allows you to effectively resist the most relevant attacks on customers: interception of one-time confirmation codes in SMS and Push, as well as the use of malicious software on users' computers and mobile devices.
Daria Verestnikova, Commercial Director of SafeTech: “The security of remote banking systems is becoming an increasingly relevant topic. Thanks to the transition to the use of mobile signatures of transactions and documents, URALSIB Bank was able to minimize problems related to customer safety. Moreover, the use of a mobile signature allowed the bank not only to provide security, but also to increase the convenience of legal entities and help increase their activity in digital service channels. ”

Pavel Novikov, Director of the Skolkovo Foundation Fintech & Blockchain Competence Center: “The introduction of the PayControl platform at URALSIB Bank has become a vivid example of a balanced and thought-out policy of using innovative technologies in financial institutions. The high level of technology of Skolkovo residents developing solutions for the Russian financial sector allows banks to effectively achieve the goals of ongoing projects, provide customers with the necessary amenities and security, while reducing their costs. ”


is a Russian developer of innovative solutions for the protection of remote banking and electronic document management systems. The company creates security tools for digital channels so that bank customers can solve everyday tasks easier, more convenient and safer. The results of the implementation of SafeTech solutions allow financial and insurance institutions to implement new digital services: register a new business online, open an account remotely without visiting a bank office, and in the future - sign payments and documents anywhere and anytime.

PJSC BANK URALSIB (Bank of Russia general license No. 30 dated 09/10/15) is one of the leading Russian banks, providing retail and corporate clients with a wide range of banking products and services. The Bank has been assigned the ratings of international rating agencies: “BB-” Fitch Ratings, “B” Standard & Poor's and “B2” Moody's Investors Service, as well as the rating of the Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) “BBB-” (RU) and the rating of the National Credit Rating Agency (NKR Agency) ÂÂÂ + .ru. The Bank’s integrated regional sales network of financial products and services is represented in 7 federal districts and 46 regions and as of June 1, 2020 has 6 branches, 272 points of sale, 1,556 ATMs, 525 payment terminals. In addition to its own network, the Bank supports the operation of the integrated ATM network “ATLAS” - a single technological solution for partner banks.

Contact Information:
Eduard Larkin
Press center
Tel .: + 7 (495) 785-12-12, ext. 7685
E-mail: LarkinEV@uralsib.ru

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