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“Smart glove” for rehabilitation after a stroke

22 May '20
SensoMed, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation's Biomedical Technology Cluster, received a Roszdravnadzor registration certificate for the innovative Senso Rehab training glove to restore fine motor skills after a stroke.

Stroke is one of the most common cardiovascular diseases. 15 million strokes occur annually in the world, of which about 450 thousand are in Russia. Approximately 30 percent of illnesses are fatal. The rest who have had a stroke require a long recovery.

Senso Rehab is a modern and effective method of rehabilitation after a stroke. The use of “smart glove” increases recovery efficiency by 2.5 times compared to classical methods. High performance is confirmed by three-year clinical trials. The technique received the highest level of medical evidence 1A, recognized by scientists and doctors around the world.

During the rehabilitation process, the patient plays exciting video games. Management of the game is based on certain gestures, exercises and the development of fine motor skills. All data on the recovery process is stored in the cloud. The patient and the attending physician have online access to the current rehabilitation results.

At home, Senso Rehab has been used for several years. Now the “smart glove” is becoming officially available for medical institutions.
Artem Badyukov, Director of SensoMed: “We have developed our product and conducted clinical trials for more than three years. More than 100 scientists and doctors - specialists in neurorehabilitation helped us in this. We want stroke patients to return to a normal, healthy life as soon as possible. Now, medical institutions and rehabilitation centers in Russia, as well as other EAEU countries, can implement Senso Rehab - the most advanced solution for patient rehabilitation. ”

Julia Shcheglova, project manager of the Skolkovo Foundation Biomedical Technology Cluster: “The long-awaited registration certificate enables our resident to sell the“ smart glove ”as a medical device. This means that Russian patients who have experienced a stroke will finally be able to use the innovative tool Senso Rehab, which will motivate them to move and help them recover much faster. ”


SensoMed Company
has been a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center since 2018. The developer of the unique SensoRehab hardware and software system for the rehabilitation of stroke patients. Project website: https://sensorehab.com
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