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Russian start-up develops coronavirus test system

24 Mar '20
A young Russian company called DRD Biotech is developing an express test system to identify the coronavirus, the Skolkovo Foundation announced.

The new test system is said to require no extra equipment, take within ten minutes to complete, and cost about $1.25 apiece.

The Skolkovo Foundation is helping its resident company by facilitating access to the blood specimens of patients positively diagnosed for the Covid-19; by making sure the future test system rapidly undergoes all registration procedures and government testing rounds, including clinical trials; and by streamlining customs procedures to deliver reagents from the afflicted regions of China, the U.S., and Europe.

The fundraising process at the Boomstarter crowdfunding platform will last 28 days.

Last year, the DRD Biotech team launched what they claimed was the worlds first express test for cerebral ischemia.
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