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VOX ANGELIS 2019 (Moscow, September 13-15, 2019)

13 Aug '19
The International Early Stage Investors Summit VOX ANGELIS 2019 - Russias largest gathering of business angels, seed and venture capital funds, accelerators and other representatives of the global investment community.

The Summit is organized for the third time. Previously, in 2016 and 2018, the venture community came together in the Samara region. This time, in 2019, it will take place in the Moscow area.

VOX ANGELIS 2019 will be held in the same format as in the previous years - it will be an informal investment community meeting far from the city bustle.

Business angels from Russia, USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Turkey and Estonia will be among the speakers.

There will be three main tracks in the Summit program this year:

INVESTMENT ACADEMY. For those who only start working in the market, would like to gain insight on trends, learn to search for and evaluate promising companies and structure transactions. Participants will learn how to grow a portfolio startup into a multi-million asset with high rates of return.

VENTURE INSIGHTS. For those who would like to see the direction in which the market is heading, and hear the insights of the best international investors on current investment strategies, interaction with the entrepreneurship ecosystem and investment community.

GLOBAL EXCHANGE. Track for experienced investors. Participants will discuss international experience of deal structuring, special aspects of cross-border investments, portfolio structure and their colleagues' best practices on successful and failed exits.

An open exchange of deal flows is an important part of the Summit. Successful Russian and foreign investors will invite the Summit participants to join them in the investment activities. Lead investors will explain why they enter one project or another and talk about the prospects of the chosen startups.

Vitaly Polekhin, President of the National Business-Angels Association: 'Dividing the Summit into tracks does not mean that new investors will work apart from their more experienced colleagues. On the contrary, the ideal result for us, the facilitators, will be joint projects and transactions. We are sure that after VOX ANGELIS the Russian business angels community will expand. Tracks will be held off the record. Participants will share their experience and knowledge in full during the informal part as well as presentations and panel discussions. We know every guest by their name, and it creates a unique atmosphere that all the participants of the previous summits loved so much'.

Sergey Bogdanov, Founder and CEO of YellowRockets: 'Business is based on credibility, particularly venture capital investments. The most important part of the venture capital business is communication among its players. We have all gone through it and understand how difficult it is to enter this business. Venture capital market is very risky. That is why the community is pivotal. VOX ANGELIS Summit is unlike other forums. Not competitors, but like-minded people, potential partners on syndications come together here. Almost everybody knows each other by their names. It is the summit about communication, credibility and knowledge.'

Confirmed participants:
Baybars Altuntas - President of the World Business Angels Investment Forum, President of the Business Angels Association of Turkey (Turkey).
Jacopo Losso - Director of Secretariat EBAN (Belgium).
Panagiotis Ketikidis Representative of the Hellenic Business Angels Network (Greece).
Larissa Best - President of the Luxembourg Business Angel Network (Luxembourg).
Christine Bjarkby Board Member of the Nordic Business Angel Network (Sweden).
Peter E. Braun - Board Member of EBAN (Switzerland).
Davorin Stetner - President of the Croatian Business Angels Network (Croatia).
Michael O'Connor - CEO of CorkBIC (Ireland)
Karl W. Mundorff - Director of the OSU Advantage Accelerator (USA).
Yuri Navarro - Head of the National Angel Capital Organization (Canada).

The Summit will culminate in the award ceremony. Individuals and organizations, which made a significant contribution to the early stage investment market development, will receive the annual EARLY STAGE INVESTMENT AWARD 2019. In 2018, Bogdan Yarovoy, SmartHub Founder, was named Business Angel of the Year.

More information about the Summit can be found at voxangelis.org.
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