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Tech Week 19 (Moscow, October 29, 2019)

9 Aug '19
October 29 in Moscow will host the annual conference on the introduction of digital technology in business - Tech Week 19.

The Tech Week platform brings together the best entrepreneurs from different parts of Russia and abroad twice a year. At the autumn meeting, the organizers plan to gather 2,000 people. The conference will bring together more than 200 speakers, among which 5 leading foreign entrepreneurs are scheduled to speak. Traditionally, an exhibition of smart projects to solve business problems will function during the event.

Tech Week 19 is a four-day applied conference and exhibition on innovative technologies for business. Unlike other events, Tech Week is a huge educational hub where people communicate, get inspired and can find ready-made solutions for their business. The knowledge and content presented at the event is definitely not on the Internet. The connections that can be obtained during the conference have been developing for years.

The current event will be held at the Skolkovo Technopark.

As part of the event:
- Pre-party evening;
- Multi-format conference;
- Exhibition of technologies;
- Day of applied master classes;
- Access to an online platform with video recordings of presentations and presentations.

Conference Topics:
- Digital business transformation;
- Virtual and augmented reality;
- Fintech;
- Artificial intelligence and big data;
- Blockchain technology;
- HR-tech;
- Digital marketing;
- Digital Sales;
- Management methodologies;
- Product & Design Management;
- Business analytics;
- Investment pitches.

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