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Start-up enables people to invite doctor home

19 Sep '18
Doc+, a Russian start-up, has been developing a special service enabling users to call and have a physician come over for help at home.

In a near future Doc+ has plans to develop a family of proprietary products, including a new system to assess diagnoses using a special bot that collects data from patients. The system is expected to lend a valuable hand to doctors. Also, the start-up is hoping to expand its business from what may now be referred to as a mobile clinic to a comprehensive health management platform.

Doc+ wants to grow breakeven and then profitable two or three years from now.

Set up in 2015 in Moscow, the company started out only as a service to enable users to invite physicians for home visits. Today, the Doc+ app makes it possible to get online advice, make an online appointment, and get a discount when buying medicines at a drugstore. According to the start-ups own information, about 300 physicians currently collaborate with the company, and the service app has been downloaded more than 250,000 times.

The company wants to test-run new business directions, and also develop solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Earlier this year Doc+ raised $9m from a consortium of international investors, thus closing another round that followed an initial investment from Swedens Vostok New Ventures, Russias Yandex and Baring Vostok in 2016.
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