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Russian developer releases vaccine for three diseases

27 Jul '18
Microgen, a Russian biotech company which is part of the Natsimbio holding firm, has completed the development of a new combinatory vaccine for measles, rubella and parotitis (mumps). The Vactrivir is expected to protect people against the three dangerous diseases simultaneously.

The Vactrivir is reported to have been successfully tested at the preclinical and clinical trial stages, proving its safety and therapeutic efficacy. Following 42 days of observation after the vaccine was administered studies have shown good tolerance in patients and a level of safety high enough for both adults and children.

By this moment we have put together all the documents required to get the new drug candidate registered in Russia. With its level of safety and efficacy we can also talk of high export potential for the solution, Microgen CEO Kirill Gaidash said.
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