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Facial exo-prosthetic technology developed in Russia

25 Oct '17
Ruselectronics, a large state-owned electronics maker, has unveiled its pioneering technology that helps recover parts of the human face lost to traumas or oral and maxillofacial surgeries, or missing at birth already. Earlier this fall the developers came up with their first operational prototypes of state-of-the-art exo-prostheses.

To make a prosthetic device like that a highly customized 3D model is generated to emulate each skin color tint; its not so easy to tell the prosthesis from natural tissue, neither visually nor to the touch. The devices are designed to replace the missing part of the face; magnets and/or special glue are reportedly used to fasten them.

Titanium plates and fasteners come from Radiosvyaz, a Krasnoyarsk-based Ruselectronics subsidiary in Siberia, while Zubnik, a high-end dentist clinic the developer has partnered with has undertaken to make silicone prostheses and attach them to where they belong on the face.

Ruselectronics hopes the new technology will enable the complete rehabilitation of serious oral and maxillofacial cases, including post cancer surgery ones. The project does not stop there, the developer claims; physical rehabilitation will be followed by social rehab measures, a program that is basically nonexistent in Russia today.

Each year in Russia alone an estimated 25,000 patients are in urgent need of oral and maxillofacial defects correction.
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