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RUR ranker sees Russian universities improve global reputation this year

25 Aug '17
Russian universities have considerably improved their global reputation this year, according to the latest international reputation ranking by Round University Ranking (RUR).

The Moscow Lomonosov State University (MSU) still enjoys the highest repute among Russian universities, ranking 38th this year, up seven positions from 2016, and keeping its place among the global Top 50. The second best Russian university for global reputation is the St. Petersburg State University (97th in the ranking), followed by Moscow-based Phystech (MIPT) on the 115th place).

Some of the Russian universities have demonstrated nothing short of a giant leap in reputation improvement. Russia’s best by the growth rate this year is the St. Petersburg-based ITMO University that has skyrocketed 115 positions up from last year, followed by the MEPhI National Nuclear University (up 100 places) and the Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk (up 78 places).

The RUR experts believe such an exponential growth rate could be tied to two factors. First of all, Russia’s government-run program called “Project 5/100,” aimed at boosting Russian universities’ global competitiveness, appears to be bearing fruit. Also, over the past five years Russian universities have been working hard to improve brand recognition through hosting international events, sending their professors and students to speak at international conferences, inviting foreign professors to teach and students to study, etc.

Globally, there’s little change in the group of reputational leaders. This year, according to RUR, the Top 5 includes Harvard University (U.S.), Stanford University (U.S.), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, U.S.), the University of California, Berkeley (U.S.), and the University of Cambridge (UK).
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