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Russia develops OS’ to process national secrets

18 Apr '17
Russia’s National Informatization Center has developed a special computer operating system to work with government secrets. According to the Russian news daily Izvestia, the system, designated OS’ (with a softened “s”; in Russian, the name looks and sounds exactly like the word “axle”), has all the encryption tools and security certificates required for such a product. Users will include federal and regional government authorities, as well as state-owned corporations and companies co-invested by the state.

Civilian authorities and government-owned companies currently use special software to work with national security sensitive issues, which is installed on the standard Windows or Linux family operating systems. The Ministry of Defense, as an exception, uses their dedicated operating systems called “Zarya” and “Rassvet.”

The new OS’ operating system is based on Linux and designed for use in servers and workstations in data centers. The system can also be used to start third-party apps, including ones developed for work with Windows.