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Sberbank and Moscow university team up in big data and machine learning

16 Mar '17
Sberbank, Russias largest savings bank, and experts in computing and cybernetics at the Moscow Lomonosov State University (MSU) have opened a joint research lab, Sberbank announced. VMK-Sberbank will be looking into risk theory and data analysis.

The new lab will seek to support advanced R&D in the field of statistical methods for big data analysis and machine learning. The scientists will work on both fundamental research and applied solutions to support the banks core activity.

The laboratory is bringing MSU professors, postgraduates and students together with Sberbank specialists.

This kind of collaboration implies an active exchange of competencies between researchers and financial sector representatives, and mutual enrichment of our joint knowledge. Sberbank and MSU hope the laboratory will evolve into a key Russian intellectual center for fundamental and applied research in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Sberbank Senior Vice President Alexander Vedyakhin said.
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