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Solution to treat advanced-stage cancers under way in Russia

9 Feb '17
TheraMAB, a Russian biotech company, has launched a new phase of clinical trials for its drug candidate, designated TAB08, to treat cancers at advanced stages, reported the website of RVC, Russia’s fund of funds for innovation. RVC has a shareholding in the biotech developer through Bioprocess Capital Ventures, a VC fund co-owned by RVC.

The new phase is expected to reveal the human body’s tolerance to the drug candidate and help assess possible immune response in an oncology patient.

The drug candidate is believed to be unique for its ability to address the very root of an oncologic disease by normalizing the functional balance between various types of immune cells—a drastic departure from conventional approach, in which drugs only deal with symptoms at later stages. The TAB08 drug candidate belongs to the IgG4 class of humanized monoclonal antibodies capable of binding the co-stimulating CB28 receptor specific for human T cells.

The candidate is reported to have already passed the initial clinical trial stage “with success” and proven its safety and good tolerance in healthy volunteers and autoimmune patients.

“We believe therapy using stimulating drugs in combination with molecules that can trigger or suppress the immune system will benefit future cancer patients to a great extent,” TheraMAB CEO Dmitry Tyrsin said.
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