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Research: only 3.2% of Russia’s innovation output considered novel in global market

27 Jan '17
Only 3.2% of the entire output of Russian innovative products were considered novel in the global market in 2015. Most products the Russians call “innovative” (53.5%) are new to the core product lines of the manufacturers themselves but are already known in international markets. Such are the key findings from the most recent research conducted by experts at Russia’s Higher School of Economics, as quoted by scientific portal S&T RF.

The overwhelming majority of export items are products that have been made using known technology without tangible improvements, the experts found, adding that this is a sign of the Russian innovative companies’ low competitiveness in the external markets.

Out of Russia’s overall exports, innovative products accounted for just 8.9% in 2015. The average share of exports from high-tech sectors was 4.2%.

Innovative items were mostly exported to countries beyond the former Soviet Union (78.2%) and the rest was purchased by Russia’s Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) neighbors.
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