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Russian algorithm models human ageing and revitalization

15 Feb '17
Researchers at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT, aka Phystech) have developed what appears to be a special algorithm that can simulate the way substances responsible for intricate ageing and rejuvenation processes behave in the human body. As of late December, the new Russian algorithm was said to have processed 70 such substances.

MIPT reportedly collaborates in software development for this project with InSilico Medicine, a U.S. company co-founded and currently managed by Alexander Zhavoronkov, a Russian physician.

The algorithm, called “Geroscope” (a portmanteau coined from the ancient Greek words for “old man” and “I’m looking”), is reported to be able to simulate, in great detail, the way an original substance impacts human genes, and to assess a variety of possible consequences for the human body. Out of the initial 70, the algorithm helped the scientists identify ten they believed to be most promising—and no dangerous experiments on volunteers were involved. It’s now proven fact that two types of molecules, NAC and PD-98059, do really help living cells last longer.

The researchers consider the project a very important effort as 92% of drugs that perform excellently during animal tests completely fail as soon as actual clinical trials on humans begin. The Geroscope algorithm is expected to not only help make clinical trials simpler and faster but also cut the cost of such tests considerably.
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