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Legislators to streamline Internet of Things in Russia

24 Oct '16
Russia has unveiled plans to provide a solid legislative foundation for domestic Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial Internet projects. Regulatory documents are expected to emerge by the middle of next year, as described in a draft roadmap for the industry called “Internet+City” the Russian news agency Interfax has obtained.

According to the document, by June 2017 the current fundamental Law on Information, IT and Information Protection has to be amended to incorporate the new reality.

The amendments must clearly define such notions as “technological data” and “technological data infrastructure”; the latter must be further defined to describe what software and hardware components, as well as back up services, are expected to form the infrastructure. The amendments must also outline requirements technological data infrastructure operators will have to meet, making it as clear as possible what kind of data, obtained from an array of sensors, should be considered “technological,” and who will be allowed to legitimately collect, process and store the data.

The draft roadmap, as of today, is reported to stipulate a set of requirements for technological data collection, processing and storage in the Russian territory only.

Another clause outlined in the draft roadmap calls for thorough analysis of a range of contiguous regulations not only in communications but also in education, energy, real estate development, transport and others for possible discrepancies that might hinder the introduction of IoT and industrial Internet technologies in any of these sectors.
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