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Russian face recognition algorithms turned heads in Florida

14 Oct '16
International biometrics systems developers were interested in a range of face recognition solutions by Vocord, a Russian company, during a sizable global forum in Florida earlier this fall, announced RVC, Russiaís national fund of funds for innovation. Most eye-catching were solutions that enable identification of a person by a set of parameters simultaneously, the source emphasized.

The Russian developer and manufacturer of smart video surveillance and audio registration systems displayed its most recent neural network enabled face recognition algorithm at Global Identity Summit, an international biometrics forum that was held in Tampa, FL, on September 19-22.

The Russian company presented its VOCORD FaceControl face recognition system, based on its proprietary algorithm that had beaten all global competitors at the recent MegaFace competition, as well as a modernized face recognition system based on innovative 3D computer vision technology called VOCORD FaceControl 3D.

ďBiometrics solutions, and specifically face recognition systems, are on the rise, with an estimated 30% of the marketóat leastólocated in North America. Entering the U.S. and Canadian markets is our strategic goal within a year. We expect the strategy to be as successful as it has been with the Asian markets,Ē CEO Timur Vekilov said.
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