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Russia’s first automatic analyzer for medical tests under way outside Moscow

17 Feb '17
Eiliton, a Russian company headquartered in the Dubna special economic zone outside Moscow, is developing Russia’s first automatic analyzer for in vitro medical tests. Last year the effort was backed with a $38,000 Moscow Oblast government grant.

Today, diagnostic labs across Russia’s clinics predominantly use semiautomatic analyzers that require imported test strips. There are about 10,000 such analyzers in the country. Their main deficiency is reported to be substantial errors that stem from the necessity for medical staff to put sample liquids on test strips manually.

The solution to the problem would be a completely automatic analyzer capable of covering the entire cycle from taking a sample to producing test results all on its own. No manufacturer produces such analyzers in Russia as of now. Imported automatic analyzers are in limited use because of their high cost ($20,000-30,000 per device).

Eiliton is expected to develop a solution that would analyze urine by 12 obligatory and two optional parameters with a capacity of at least 240 tests an hour.
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Locations: Dubna; Moscow

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