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Moscow scientists work to upgrade monitor production technology

16 Sep '16
An international team of researchers led by Russian scientists has come up with a method of lowering the cost and improving the quality of monitors and other optoelectronic devices by using silicon nanoparticles in lieu of expensive semiconductor materials currently utilized in monitor production, portal Science & Technologies RF reported. The technique has been described in an article published in the latest Physical Review B issue.

Physicists at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) are said to have managed to make silicon nanoparticles glow when impacted by radiation, and do it manifestly enough to use the particles in a replacement for todays costly semiconductors used in monitor production. According to Maksim Shcherbakov, a research fellow at MSUs Department of Physics, the new technique helps boost the efficacy of nanoparticle photoluminescence by several times.
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