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Yaroslavl developers offer new “smart house” concept

30 Dec '16
Throne Systems, a young company from Yaroslavl in Central Russia, earlier this year unveiled its innovative approach to controlling “smart house” gadgets and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The Throne solution appears to be a brand new concept in putting together “smart house” control systems. At the core of the Throne interface is a schematic 3D model of objects to be controlled. A user can scale the model, move from spot to spot, and change the angle of view for each of its locations.

Graphic control system levels and individual devices are integrated in the 3D model, with the devices shown in the specific locations they operate in. Thus smart system control is “built” into the user’s real-life perception of the surrounding world and becomes as natural and effortless for him as possible.

With the new approach, one could control systems of any complexity with equal ease in any environment from an apartment and small office space to a cottage neighborhood, to shopping mall, to production facility.

Simplicity and scalability offer both comfort and the efficacy of monitoring and project management. The Throne interface is reported to enable the user to take basically no time reading the status of a device in this or that location, and send commands both to any individual device and clusters of those.

According to Throne Systems deputy CEO Ivan Vasilenko, seeking to improve user interfaces and introduce a certain visualization standard is one of the key tasks the modern IoT market has to take on.